The benefits of using our Professional Agency instead of hiring on your own:

  • Helpers at Home has more than 10 years of experience in providing the right fit in terms of linking a suited candidate to the unique needs of each family
  • We interview, conduct back ground checks and review each potential candidate before you interview them
  • We provide candidates with professional skills training to ensure that they are competent to perform their jobs
  • applicant can do the job!


Top reasons for resignations

Micro management – The most common reason why Domestics resign is directly linked to the “Policeman behaviour” of their employers. This behaviour results in an unpleasant workplace environment. Being continuously criticised is demotivating and counterproductive.

Shouting and Swearing– Unfortunately, some Domestics find themselves employed by aggressive, rude and abusive employers. This negative behaviour from the employer creates a toxic working environment and is very demoralising. Creating unbearable working conditions is against the Law.

Late Salary payments – Domestics should be treated with respect, as all human beings should. Part of respect is reflected in the employer’s commitment to pay salaries accurately and timeously.

High and unrealistic workload expectancy – It is shocking to hear some examples of what can only be perceived as modern-day slavery. Some employers insist that Domestics:

  • clean the floors on their knees
  • wash the laundry loads with their hands even though the employer has a washing machine
  • work more than 9 hours a day
  • work a full month as a “live in” helper with only 2 days off a month to rest
  • paying salaries of R2000 – R2500 per month for a fulltime helper

These actions are not in line with the spirit of human rights or treating others with dignity.

Location of the place of work – Outskirts of a town (No transport close to the workplace). Some employers make promises to their Domestic that due to the remote location of the workplace they will pick up and drop off their helper. However, they go back on their word and place the Domestic in an unsafe situation if they must walk long distances to remote areas. Please remember your Domestic is a human being and making them walk for hours in the sun, rain and cold is also not fair on them.

Forcing Domestics to repeatedly clean a specific area which they have cleaned before due to the employer continuously messing as soon as the area has been cleaned.

Adding new duties which is not in line with the original agreement of set duties – for example, expecting gardening duties to be done or cleaning and washing your vehicle.